Side Collision

Side collisions are a common type of dangerous car crash

Side impact collisions, often called t-bone or broadside accidents, are a common type of crash in which either driver could be at fault. This type of crash typically occurs at intersections.

Side impact accidents often result in serious or fatal injuries

In both front and rear collisions, the vehicle occupants are more protected from impact by the crumple zones of the front and rear of the vehicle itself. But in a t-bone crash, very little serves to protect the people involved. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that side-impact crashes resulted in 5,345 deaths in 2013. A full 25% of all fatal crashes that year were t-bone collisions.

Typical causes of side-collision crashes

The primary driver behaviors that cause t-bone collisions include:

  • failing to fully stop at an intersection;
  • failing to yield at a stop sign;
  • running a red light;
  • turning across traffic lanes;
  • aggressive and distracted driving;
  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

T-bone accidents can also be caused by slippery road conditions and weather like fog or heavy snow.

How to get financial recovery from the costs of a side-collision crash

After a serious or fatal t-bone crash, the financial costs quickly grow as hospitalizations and treatment result in medical bills, and injuries result in missed work and lost wages. When a collision is fatal, the emotional loss is compounded by funeral and burial expenses, and lost financial support.

While a personal injury attorney cannot heal injuries or bring back a lost loved one, a lawyer can bring financial healing now and for the future. It is important to begin that process quickly by finding an experienced injury lawyer.

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