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Wisconsin: The Dairy State – The land of lakes, amazing natural resources, outdoor sporting opportunities, cranberry bogs, and cheese

Wisconsin, a name meaning "grassy place" in the Chippewa language, is a vast and beautiful region. The location of 14,000 lakes, Wisconsin is a dream destination for outdoor sporting enthusiasts year-round.

Wisconsin is a leading state in milk and cheese production.  It is also the nation’s leading producer of cranberries, harvesting more than 60 percent of the country’s crop. Other important farm products are peas, beans, beets, corn, potatoes, oats, and hay. 

Water sports, ice-boating, and fishing are popular, as are skiing and hunting. The 95 state parks, forests, and recreation areas take up one-seventh of the land.

The chief industrial products of the state are automobiles, machinery, furniture, paper, beer, and processed foods. Wisconsin ranks first among the paper-producing states. The state's mines produce copper, iron ore, lead, and zinc.

To accommodate the residents and visitors to Wisconsin, the major interstate highways are in heavy usage:

Interstate 39 is a highway that runs from Normal, Illinois at I-55 to Wisconsin Highway 29 in Rib Mountain, Wisconsin, approximately six miles (9.7 km) southwest ofWausau.

Interstate 41 connects the interchange of I-94 and U.S. Route 41 (US 41), located 0.9 miles south of the Wisconsin–Illinois border at the end of the Tri-State Tollway in metropolitan Chicago, to an interchange with I-43 in metropolitan Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Interstate 43 is a 191.55-mile Interstate Highway located entirely within the U.S. state of Wisconsin, connecting Interstate 39 and Interstate 90 in Beloit with Milwaukee and Interstate 41U.S. Route 41 and U.S. Route 141 in Green Bay.

Interstate 90 runs east–west through the western, central and southern portions of the U.S. state of Wisconsin.

Interstate 94 runs east–west through the western, central and southeastern portions of Wisconsin.

To support residents and visitors alike, the State of Wisconsin provides a high-quality site with road conditions, maps, and traffic cameras.

The climate and landscape of Wisconsin draw huge numbers of visitors each year

The Wisconsin climate offers cold, snowy winters favor a variety of winter sports, and the warm summers appeal to thousands of vacationers each year. The climate is most favorable for dairy farming; the primary crops are corn, small grains, hay, and vegetables. 

Wisconsin can be divided into four main geographical regions, each covering roughly one-quarter of the state's land area. The most highly elevated of these is the Superior Upland, which has heavily forested rolling hills but no high mountains. A second upland region, called the Driftless Area, has a more rugged terrain, having been largely untouched by the glacial drifts that smoothed out topographical features in other parts of the state. The third region is a large, crescent-shaped plain in central Wisconsin. Finally, in the east and southeast along Lake Michigan lies a large, glaciated lowland plain. All regions of this beautiful state offer residents and visitors many opportunities for boating, fishing, skiing, and other outdoor recreation.

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