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Car hits deer, deer attacks car driver (VIDEO)

In a classic tale of vengeance, a New Jersey deer refused to take being hit by a car lying down. 

On the night of September 17th, 43-year-old Ellen Sager was driving down Oak Glen Road in Howell Township when she struck a deer with her SUV. A Howell police officer on his way to a call happened to be driving behind Sager when he witnessed the crash and pulled over, capturing the bizarre encounter that happened next on his dashcam. 

When Sager pulled over to the side of the road, she cracked open her door, and the deer she struck charged at her. It managed to fully pry open the door, slamming its hooves into Sager, who was forced to kick the buck in an attempt to fight it off. After a brief scuffle, the deer fell to the ground (it eventually died of its injuries). 



The deer should have killed the driver.

What a stupid comment Matt! What in your mind justifies that kind of idiotic statement? It was an accident for pete's sake and in nearly all cases the deer is "at fault" for running into traffic. Are you actually that ignorant or are you just trolling?

oh my dear!

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