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College student attempts to take topless selfie, crashes into cop car

Hey, it happens to the best of us. By which I mean worst of us, we're living in a nightmare, never leave your house if you want to be safe. 

Wednesday night in Bryan, Texas, 19-year-old Texas A&M student Miranda Kay Rader was arrested after crashing into a parked cop car that had its flashing lights activated. When officers went to the driver's side window, they found her hastily trying to put a shirt on over an unclasped bra. The college student had been taking a topless selfie she intended to Snapchat to her boyfriend. On a resume, she could try to spin this as "open to multitasking," and then just hope they don't ask about it in the interview. And hope the cops didn't release dash cam footage?

According to the police report obtained by the New York Daily News, an open bottle of wine was in the vehicle, which Rader admitted to drinking a quarter of. She failed a field sobriety test, which is shocking, by which I mean in no way shocking because we're all going to die at the hands of Snapchatting teenagers. 




Underage drinking and distracted driving is a deadly combination. Drunk driving is a violent, senseless and 100% preventable crime. 21 & Older Designate a non-drinking driver before the first sip. If you or someone you know has been impacted by a drunk/drugged driving crash please call MADD. 334.277.7722

Young lady , as life budding experience a new year a new day was , paused and history created for her on her life resume . One moment of real emotions outburst of words exchanged over the phone with her boyfriend . who may have requested her to see her as she was while on the way on the road. It's true she was slightly intoxicated with few sips of wine . wanted to show her topless body as he must have talked her to do that . What a silly ,boyfriend , need to be arrested and questioned whether the actions caused her to do it . He should be charged. instead of her more . Because she knew him decided to do what he said are asked her to do her mind was tipsy .

May God Help US ,

One comment , thousands of accidents .
and crime ... and foolishness . can give law enforcement the edge
i have the idea !

HUH?!?!??!?!!? What the heck did you say here????? Jibberish!

THANK YOU , Bobba Lew!!!

Reading comments like this are more frightening than topless, drunken teenagers texting while speeding down the road. Ladies and gentleman, I give you America!

Charge the boyfriend for asking her to do this ? Her mind was tipsy? Please don't tell me your serious. She was underage,knowing she shouldn't dring. She took the swigs,knowing she shouldn't drive. She is a college student ,if she isn't big girl enough to say no,God help the future of this country. She's not a young impressionable child. She is an of age knows how to say no ,big girl.

Her boyfriend should be charged comment? Are you kidding me???? Not sure what fairy world you live in, however girls are far from innocent compared to men these days. 

 The boyfriend should be charged? Ha ha ha ha. I don't know what fairytale your in. But it's 2016.  It was probably that girl's idea. 

How in the world can you jump from her taking a selfie to her boyfriend being responsible because he talked her into it?  First, your imagination is way ahead of you because nowhere does it say she was talked into anything?  In fact, nowhere does it say she was going to see a boyfriend or had talked to a boyfriend, just that she was going to send it to him -  you need to seperate fact from the fantasy you dreamed up. 

No excuse for driver. I am far from perfect and make mistakes myself and hate to pass judgement on anyone but this one was just too much. We all know the consequences of driving under the influence/distracted driving. Now, her boyfriend may have asked her to take a picture of her privates but she did not have to comply. She could have as easily pulled over somewhere out of site and took the picture quickly. You can be upseet at her boyfriend all you want but it was ultimately her decision to comply with his request while she was still driving.  This accident that could have easily led to her death, pedestrians, the officers or God forbid all of the above. Folks,  we make decisions everyday that not only effect us but possibly also those people around us. Fortunately for her and any pedestrians that may have been near by no one was killed or seriously injured. It could have definately been worse. Who wants to volunteer to tell the family of that officer or that young lady that their loved one was killed in an accident that could have been prevented. Not a job I would envy from anyone. People, please use your God given senses before you get behind that wheel. Nothing is that serious that can't wait until you are able to safely pull over somewhere or get home. Just a thought from a retired veteran. 

If a person is texting and or taking a selfie while driving and kills a family of 4. Should that person be prosecuted the same as if that person was legally drunk?

you are so beutyful always be careful

A co-worker of mine who has two kids was just in a head-on collision yesterday. He was hit by a texting driver. He has a broken sternum, broken ribs, broken wrist, broken nose, busted knee, broken ankle, lacerations, and bruises and other small cuts everywhere. He is in critical condition at a local hospital. Fantastic guy who is in bad shape for Thanksgiving because an idiot couldn't pay attention. I know a lot of people are guilty of this but some people are just blatantly stupid! Stop texting and watch the road! I wish cell phone companies would set up a system that could monitor through the phone's GPS capabilities the speed the phone is moving and shut off texting and other abilities if the phone is detected to be moving more than a couple of miles per hour. I know a lot of people would hate it, but at least parents could have it enabled on their children's cell phones and keep them and other families safe.

I totally agree with you. When someone texts it is a choice, a negligent one. Whoever is behind the wheel of a vehicle should respect that privilege. While we drive on the open roads we are trusting to everyone who follows responsibility. The Law! If we/they fail by texting, putting on make-up, reading a newspaper, looking at the GPS or other device, this is a distraction. The Law states that we are suppose to be aware of all of our surroundings and react accordingly. That is a responsible driver. Praying for your co-worker, for healing and family also. Thank you for your comment.

All modern cell phones have hardware that detects rate of speed. This is how apps like Waze indicate your speed of travel. It wuold be relatively trival to implement this into text apps, for instance blocking any kind of input (keyboard, speech) when a certain speed is exceeded. The question is getting the government to create laws around mobile phone safety standards. 

That would suck for sll nondrivers in the car

I get your concept, but clearly not well thought out. You can be a passenger and not driving, then what? Their phone should be shut off too? Also there are people in the world that are actually active. I as well as many other people take their phones with them while exercising and go well over a couple of miles per hour. Should our phones be disables too? And what if someone was running away from danger and trying to call 911, should their phones be disabled too for moving while having a phone on them? Not such a great idea. Not everyone with a phone carries it around to snapchap. Some of us carry our phones for work, safety, and responsible communication.

The LG G5 has AT&T Drivemode which turns on a few minutes after you start moving and locks you out of such functions on the phone unless you press the "Disable DriveMode" button, which would be very hard to press while driving.

The DriveMode and other software for phones is out there and offered by the cell phone companies, the problem is that none of them are automatic - they have to be turned on whenever you begin driving.  Auto-on would prevent passengers from making or receiving calls so that will never happen - it comes down to people being mature enough to make the right decision and put the phone down instead of risking not only your own life but the lives of everyone around you.

Permalink-I love your idea.   Cell phone companies, are you listening?? Sereiosly? Are the cell phone companies paying attention to police idiots who take no responsibility for their own action??, knowing full well it is dangerous to engage in cell phone use while driving or even walking? I see it every day-90% of everyone not paying attenttion, only interested in themselves! Cell phones don't kill people. People kill.people! Selfish, careless AND FULLY RESPONSIBLE for their own actions!!! Wake up, There is no excuse or entitlement. AND THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEBODY willing to pass the buck.. Grow a brain and some morals..

Sounds like your friend should wear a seatbelt, most of the injuries described are common with someone hitting the steering wheel with their chesk and dashboard with knees/legs/wrist.  Please people, seatbelts save lives but also limit the critical injuries that take years to get past - and if someone in your vehicle isn't wearing their seatbelt it is still your problem, their body flying through the air and hitting you at 50mph is going to kill both of you . . . be safe friends!


this girl clearly has no moral standard, topless in public, underage drinking and driving, texting while driving, taking selfies while driving. Put her little no brained butt in jail for a couple months. Maybe a dose of reality will wake her up. Then on top on that put her on probation and make her speak in public about her multiple crimes while being a drunk slut.

How can you be so irrisponsible? Thank God that police officer was not killed or anyone else. I hope your licence is taken away for a very long time. Driving is a privilege not a right! And you have certainly have abused your privilege to drive. Shame on you!

im glad you didn't hurt yourself.  Go get em you party girl.

We need pictures to prove this isn't more of that "fake news" the goverment keeps talking about.

Typical. There's most likely a time and a place for some of this. But neither is appropriate.  

Self-driving cars (Autos) is the answer to all our traffic woes. Capitalism will jump at the chance to supply these desired commodities. 
The rich will be the first to buy Autos because Autos will be very expensive, but after awhile the price will plunge as it did with cell phones, but in 10 years they should be affordable to everyone...
...IF government steps aside and allows the market to operate freely but of course why would they? They never do otherwise. We are the makers, they are the breakers, and they break all they manage. (My solution does nothing to appease the illiberals who lurk in these forums and who will attempt to chop vast holes in my rhetoric. 
​I have my spackle blade and some cardboard and am ready.

How about only the idiots have Autos and the rest of us can drive freely?  There are problems with autos too. 


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