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Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is due for a huge increase in commercial truck traffic

A recent study by the Atlanta Regional Commission indicates that the metropolitan Atlanta area can expect a large increase in commercial trucking traffic to support an increase in population and the growing distribution and warehousing industries in the area. How will this traffic increase affect residents and visitors? Learn more here...

Little Rock-Pine Bluff, AR

Four Ways to Fix the Current Truck Driver Shortage

Recent estimates from the industry suggest that trucking companies could add as many as 48,000 more drivers nationwide to address the increased shipping demands spurred by the country’s economic recovery.

Here are just four ideas floated by trucking industry experts that may help undercut the dangerous American trucker shortage.

Little Rock-Pine Bluff, AR

High Speed a Major Factor in Truck Accidents

The issue of truck accident prevention and speed limits received increased media attention in recent months as several states nationwide are considering increasing highway speed limits. The problem with this move, according to trucking industry leaders, is that most big rigs are not equipped to go more than about 75 miles per hour. Truck tire blowouts are of particular concern when big rigs travel at higher speeds. Learn more here about how speed is a factor in Arkansas commercial truck accidents.

Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NM

The Biggest Overhaul to Road Safety May Be Underway — And Nobody Knows

The trucking industry is attempting to make major changes to our country’s highway safety rules, revisions that could seriously jeopardize the safety of countless drivers. And yet few people even know that such sweeping revisions are even being discussed. Read more here about these proposed changes that may affect your safety on New Mexico roadways.

Mobile, AL-Pensacola, FL

CDL Truck Drivers Must Use USDOT Certified Medical Examiner To Reduce Truck Accidents

New regulations mean that now CDL drivers must have their examinations done by medical professionals trained specifically on what to look for in drivers. A USDOT medical exam assesses a number of conditions that could affect a driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle they are driving. Go here to learn more about these regulations and how they will improve safety on our roads.

Everett-Bellingham WA

Overweight truck accidents occur increasingly often

Though semi tractor trailers are designed to carry heavy loads, they can be overloaded. When a truck carries more than it is supposed to, major, catastrophic wrecks can occur. These wrecks, as they tend to happen on interstate highways at high speeds, can happen on any road. It’s a sad fact that many trucks are overloaded typically, on any given day. Truckers and their companies are under pressure to maximize each trip, and sometimes this means trucks are loaded too heavy, or too quickly so they are not properly balanced. If you or a loved one were hit by a commercial truck, it would be hard to tell if overweight or improper loading contributed to the wreck, or increased its severity unless you know what to look for. If this is a factor in your accident, then someone you love, or yourself, was hurt from negligent behavior. Were you hit by an overloaded truck? Learn more.

Everett-Bellingham WA

Semi-tractor trailers have multiple blind spots and "no zones"

Truck accidents that involve negligence can cost commercial trucking companies millions of dollars in liability, and they know it. These kinds of accidents can be complex, and the companies have resources to put on these cases, and fight them tooth and nail. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a semi-truck trailer, you have options for how to best approach what happens next. The trucking company, rest assured, will have a team of lawyers backing them. What about you?