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Woman Instagrams new Mercedes hours before injuring bicyclist in alleged DUI hit-and-run

Some rich people are so bad at being rich. 

According to the Orange County Register, on September 27th, 22-year-old Laguna Beach resident Aya Ibish posted a photo to her Instagram account of her "pride and joy," a brand-new Mercedes-Benz, all wrapped up in a bow. Then, even though one would suspect she could afford to take a cab, Ibish apparently went out drinking in her new car.

Aya Ibish deleted Instagram post

Hours later in Costa Mesa, a bicyclist was struck by a Mercedes that then fled the scene, leaving him with lacerations and a possible fracture. Police officers found a luxury sedan a few blocks away with heavy front-end damage. The driver was the very same rich-person Aya Ibish, who subsequently failed a field sobriety test and was taken into custody. 

Again, cab rides are cheaper than a Mercedes. They're also fun because you don't have to drive, which is luxurious in its own way. When you're rich, you can afford to take cabs. Some rich people don't like cabs because they're not fancy, but I have great news! You can also pay people to bring you around in other vehicles, like town cars and limousines. You can even drink inside a limousine; how fancy is that? The best part is that the driver of your limousine probably won't hit a bicyclist, and they definitely aren't drunk, so nobody will go to jail! And, icing on the cake, your Mercedes is safe at home.

Ibish's Instagram post has since been deleted, likely due to the pain of losing the gorgeous new car. And probably also because of the international embarrassment, because Taiwanese animators at Tomo News picked up on the story and ran with it, making this beautiful piece of art:



I guess the author of this story has a problem with rich people and stays focused on that issue in a typically jealous, smarmy, and petulant fashion. Substitute the adjectives "middle class", "poor", "black", "Asian", etc...for "rich" in the story while you re-read it and correct the sentence for syntax . Sounds pretty foolish does it not? The decision to drive intoxicated is not exclusive to the wealthy among us. She got caught. So, tell me now, what makes her any worse than some poor, white trash, 21 year old country bumpkin, swerving down the dirt road on his way back to the trailer?

I have to agree with you 110%. But poor or even middle class are not news makers.

Are you simple? Country white trash doesn't have the Uber/Cab/ Limo option.

I assume you are rich? You sound so insulted.

Wealth by definition is relative. Example: A firefighter and a RN taking in a combined pre-tax $80k a year are rich to the guy driving a mop and pail at WalMart. Should the mop jockey at WalMart be thrilled if the firefighter makes a stupid decision and winds up in jail? BTW I'm not rich or insulted. I'm firmly in the middle class. I have no time for class warfare social justice idiots. Schadenfreude. Why? Only because this young woman is fortunate enough to have wealth in her family or marriage? Only idiots think this way. The author is of a narrow mind set and blinded by his or her envy.

No, he is right.

LOL, Kyle, what are you even talking about? The article says that the woman evidently has enough money to take a cab, so she should have taken a cab. The author (me) doesn't like when people drink and drive because I work for a website that catalogs death and injury caused by drunk drivers *every day.* I'm sarcastic because it's a relief to just have fun with story when no one is injured, as opposed to crying over little kids or new parents or grandparents or nurses or Walmart janitors being killed by drunk drivers *every day.* I've been far harsher about people who aren't apparently rich when they drink and drive (e.g.,, so stop projecting your delusions of class warfare onto me. I'll ridicule anyone who drinks and drives because it's a terrible thing to do. Jane, ADC

Nicely worded Jane. I'm so tired of internet trolls just trying to fill their empty lives by needling people. Your article isn't about classism, it's about terrible decisions by people who should know better and have the resources to make good decisions. Brava...

Well don't feel to bad for her, auto policy in place will pay for car, the lawsuit coming down on her for hit and run another whole separate issue coming down which insurance will pick up and pay out, the DUI charge cost her about 10-15K dollars an expensive lesson to learn..You can do whatever you want but if you get caught you will pay !!! Common sense goes a long way for some people others will never get it !!

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