James Chadwick Cravens, Johnny Lee Myers, and Michael Taylor Myers killed in crash on U.S. Highway 177 in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Modified Date: 
Fri, 05/28/2021 - 6:23am
Accident Date: 
Friday, May 7, 2021

OHP: Fatal Accident Reported In Pottawatomie County

The accident was reported at U.S. Highway 177 (also known as State Highway 59) and East 1350 Road.

Three killed, two injured in Pottawatomie County head-on crash, OHP officials say

A vehicle that was going northbound on U.S. 177 reportedly went left of center and crashed head-on into a southbound vehicle, driven by 55-year-old James Chadwick Cravens. The car that went left of center then rolled and caught fire.

Type: Car Accident
People Involved: 
James Chadwick Cravens
Johnny Lee Myers
Michael Taylor Myers
Asher, OK


Please please allow the mother of the 2 maLes in the Nissan involved in this horrific tragedy. 1st their names/ages Johnny Lee Myers the 3rd also known as "Trey"/20 his birthday is the 29th...my 1st born child Michael Taylor Myers/19 he is my 2nd born child. They have a 17 yr old brother. We are devasted by this. Not only the nature but according to ohp they are unidentified. Myself my husband my child my kids friends spent all of Friday and 1/2 of Saturday until they treys fiance and bestfriend found Michaels melted phone on the side of the highway it took me the longest weekend mother's day weekend to add of this bodies life I went and got dental records and took the 1hr 1/2 drive to the medical examiner office in OKC I tried called sent on goose chases and nonworking phone numbers by the ohp. Even talked to the officer who worked this tradegdy wreck but he was off and could not recall nothing because his paper wasn't infront of him, THANK U ASHER POLICE FIR THE HELP WE RECIEVED THAT SATURDAY FROM U I/WE BURIED MY BABIES THE 19TH I STILL HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN TOLD TGEY WRECKED INVOLVED HURT NOTHING!!!!!!!!! I FILED 2FUCKING MISSING PERSONS REPORT. FOR ANY PARENT WHO KNOWS WHAT THAT IN ITSELF FEELS LIKE... I KNOW AND I PRAY,PRAY,PRAY THAT GOD ALMIGHTY HAS HIS ARMS SURRENDING THE ITH3R 3 VICITIMS IN THIS AND THEI FAMILY, CUZ IF THEY'RE LIKE US WERE A FREAKIN HORRIBLE HORRIBLE..... IDK REALLY THE CAR JUST NOW FOUND N RELEASED MAY 7TH IS THAT DAY THE DAY THEY LEFT MY OUR WORLDS TODAY IS MAY 27TH. I HAD TO CREMATE THEM I NVR GET TO SEE OR HEAR THEM IN THIS LIFE. THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS JUST AS MUCH AS THE OTHER 3 VICITIMS THEY KNEW LOVE AND LOVE KNEW THEM. MAY GOD SHOW US THE WAY WITH ALL LOVE. AGAIN I JUST WANTED IT TO BE KNOWN THEIR NAMES BUT IN MY HEART WITHOUT THE LIGHTHORSE PERSONAL WHOM DIRECTED ME TO THIS DARK ROAD IM TRAVELING ON WITHOUT U O I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SEE IN DARKNESS TO FIND AND BRING HOME AND LAY TO REST 2 OF 3 OF MY SONS. THANK U MY GOD BLESS

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