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Wichita Falls, TX-Lawton, OK Aircraft Accident Lawyer

Aircraft Safety - Flying is safer but accidents still happen in Wichita Falls and Lawton

While rare compared to other types of motor-vehicle crashes, aircraft accidents do happen regularly, usually with devastating results. Despite significant safety improvements over the past decades, many people each year experience the pain of losing someone in an airplane crash.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there was an overall decline in the number of US-registered civil aviation accidents. The number of civil aviation accidents fell from 1,539 in 2012 to 1,297 in 2013. The number of accidents involving commuter aircraft increased from four in 2012 to eight in 2013, with three fatal accidents.

What are common aviation safety hazards in Wichita Falls and Lawton?

  • foreign object debris;
  • missing or misleading information to the pilot;
  • lightening;
  • ice and snow;
  • engine and structural failures;
  • stalling;
  • fire.

Small-plane crashes - safety rates are not improving in Wichita Falls and Lawton

While safety statistics for large commercial planes have been improving steadily for decades, the accident rate in personal flights has increased by 20% in the past decade, and the fatality rate for personal flights is up 25%.

When someone is injured in an aircraft accident in Wichita Falls or Lawton, what needs to happen next?

When someone is injured, it is crucial to get appropriate medical treatment, regardless of the financial cost. The major hospitals in the Wichita Falls and Lawton areas include:

As soon as possible, an injured person should contact their insurance company to find out how medical treatment is covered under their insurance policy.

When an aircraft accident results in a serious injury or a fatality, it is important to find a Wichita Falls and Lawton aircraft accident attorney

When an injury is serious or a death occurs, the next step is to find an experienced Wichita Falls and Lawton aviation accident attorney to start the financial recovery process by launching an insurance claim. Major injury or wrongful death claims are complicated and can be hard to manage without legal help. An experienced aircraft crash lawyer understands that aircraft crash claims are more complicated than other types of claims, since there are more entities involved including aircraft owners, operators, maintenance companies, and often multiple insurance policies. Since most personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation and work on a contingency basis, meaning that there are no up-front costs and all fees are paid when the claim is settled, there is no downside to speaking with a Wichita Falls and Lawton personal injury lawyer right away.

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Aircraft Accident Reports and News from the Wichita Falls, TX-Lawton, OK Area

Wichita Falls, TX-Lawton, OK
Accident Date: 
Sat, 10/04/2014

One person has been killed and three others injured after a medical helicopter crashed in Wichita Falls. The Bell 206 LongRanger III operated by the Air Evac Lifeteam was carrying three crew members and one patient, identified as Buddy Rhodes, when it crashed at 1:56 a.m.