Train Accident

When train accidents occur, the resulting damage can be immense and horrific. The size and speed of trains brings death and destruction to anyone in their path. The main forms of train accidents are train derailments, train and pedestrian accidents, and train and car accidents.

Train Derailments

Statistically, a train derails about every ninety minutes in the US. This is because railroads are effectively self-regulated and few attempts have been made by the federal government to examine or improve on their safety performance. Rail companies tend to rely on old technology developed decades ago, and few measures have been made to improve safety. While relatively few people are killed in these accidents, train derailments cause damage to property, and in some cases the environment. A train carrying hazardous materials derails about every two weeks. Sometimes these situations are so serious that local residents need to be evacuated.

Pedestrian-Related Train Accidents

Being near a train either at a station, a crossing, or just the tracks themselves is always a hazardous activity for a pedestrian. Approximately three hundred people die in train-related accidents in the US each year. A good number of these deaths are considered suicides, but many of these deaths are not by design. Hitching a ride on a moving train is a dangerous activity practiced by many, sometimes resulting in grievous injuries and death. Sometimes a pedestrian will fall into the path of a train and be unable to get out of the way before the train passes.

Car-Related Train Accidents

Railroad crossings are a dangerous place for motorists if not approached with the proper caution. There are about 5,800 car-related train accidents each year in the US and the majority of these occur at railroad crossings. It is important to be patient at a railroad crossing and don’t push your luck when the crossing lights go off. Don’t assume a train conductor will see you or be able to stop if you get stuck on the tracks. A 150-car freight train traveling at fifty miles an hour takes more than a mile to stop. Another common form of car/train accident occurs when the car driver is unable to see the train and runs into it. This happens most often at night and at crossings with inadequate warning devices. According to some studies, 80% of railroad crossings in the US do not have adequate warning devices.

What to do after an injury or fatality Train Accident

Since train accidents often result in serious or fatal injuries, it is crucial to find an experienced train accident attorney who understands how to help victims get compensated for their injuries and financial damages. Train accident claims are complicated and need to assistance of a train crash lawyer to oversee the insurance claim that will begin the process of recovery for victims and their families.
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Everett-Bellingham WA

When a train is involved, Bellingham wrecks usually have catastrophic results

Here in Bellingham and all through Whatcom and Skagit Counties, we share space with trains. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Sometimes it’s a defect in the track. Other times, equipment failure. Sometimes a crash is due to a driver’s error. Railroad companies will hire a team of private investigators to assess train crossing accidents, and are ready to employ them at the scene of any accident. Because of the nature of these collisions, the unfortunate fact is that most train accidents have tragic results. It may be that you must file a wrongful death lawsuit in order to receive money the train company does not want to pay. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible to receive a significant settlement for the both economic and non-economic damages. It’s an enormous challenge to have to advocate for yourself or your loved ones after such a crisis, and the last things you need after this kind of accident are long negotiations and battles with the railroad company. If you are involved in an accident between a car and a train, you may want to discuss your legal options with a lawyer before trying to fight the railroad companies alone.

Everett-Bellingham WA

When a car and train collide, the results can be deadly

Trains' whistles are often heard in Bellingham, and all through Whatcom County as well as Skagit County. As we are located in a busy corridor for trains traveling along the coast, their visits through here are increasingly frequent. Where cars and trains meet, sometimes deadlly accidents occur. Learn more about what factors can cause accidents at railroad crossings, and how dangerous it is for cars in an accident with a train.

Everett-Bellingham WA

What to do if you were in a motor vehicle and train crash?

It’s a scary thought, and luckily a fairly rare occurrence. Sometimes it’s a defect in the track. Other times, equipment failure. Sometimes a crash is due to a driver’s error.But nearly all cars that are hit by trains sustain devastating damages, and so do the people in them. Railroad companies will hire a team of private investigators to assess train crossing accidents, and are ready to employ them at the scene of any accident. The companies do not want to be held accountable for accidents that may have been due to their mistake. So what do you do if you've been in a vehicle crash with a train?