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Hip injury

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Everett-Bellingham WA

Bellingham WA lawyer helps client find compensation for hip dislocation due to accident

If you have been injured in a car accident that wasn't your fault, it can help to hear that you're not alone. That you do have options, and there are ways to recover some of what you lost financially. It takes money to be able to recover from serious injuries like a hip dislocation and bone fractures, like this car accident victim hit by a distracted driver. Sometimes your best option is to seek legal expertise to make sure you receive a fair settlement for your damages and losses. Here is one client's story.

  Juan Salas Fonseca, a 28-year-old route salesman, was operating a Mitsubishi F-100 cab-over-engine commercial truck when he was involved in an accident. In the course of the collision, he was thrown from the detached cab through the windshield and was run over by his own truck. He suffered extensive injuries, including multiple fractures to his pelvis, spine, and leg. He faced future surgies to replace his hip and his spine and was therefore limited to semi-sedentary work.
On September 23, 2005, Shannon Nielson, a 38-year-old hairstylist, was riding on the back of a motorcycle that her fiance, Troy McDaniel, was driving on the Mt. Rose Highway in the Sierra Nevada range of California. As they were riding on the highway, they came across a flatbed truck operated by Carl McAlister, an employee of the White Cap Construction Supply company. McDaniel grounded the motorcycle to avoid striking the truck, which was making a U-turn on the two-lane highway. The couple skidded on the pavement towards the truck and were run over by its rear wheels.
John McCord was stopped at an intersection in Sacramento County, California on his motorcycle as a funeral procession was passing by on a cross-street. When the light turned green, he entered the intersection. A vehicle in the funeral procession, operated by Ivan Semenyuk, ran the red light, assuming he had the right-of-way in the procession, striking McCord. As a result of the accident, McCord suffered a fractured pelvis, requiring a total hip replacement, and a knee injury. 
  Perry Wise, A 48-year-old hospital laboratory technician, was driving his BMW motorcycle east on State Route 6 just east of Menlo, Washington when he stoped a backhoe travelling on shoulder of his lane ahead of him. As Wise attempted to pass the backhoe, its driver, Ron Epperson, suddenly drove into his lane. Wise hit his brakes and laid his motorcycle down on the highway and subsequently slammed into the back of the backhoe.