Randy Dean Hall, 56, dies in single vehicle crash on Alabama 21 near Talladega, Alabama

Modified Date: 
Wed, 12/17/2014 - 3:43pm
Accident Date: 
Monday, December 15, 2014

Roanoke man dies after Monday wreck south of Talladega

Hall's vehicle was the only vehicle involved. He was not wearing a seat belt, according to troopers.

Roanoke man killed in car wreck

Randy Dean Hall, 56, of Roanoke, was driving a 2012 Buick Lacrosse on Highway 21 near mile marker 223, just four miles south of Talladega. Investigators say his car left the roadway and hit a tree.

Randy Dean Hall was driving on Alabama 21 when his vehicle left the roadway and struck a tree. He was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. He was apparently not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Type: Car Accident
People Involved: 
Randy Dean Hall
Alabama 21


HE WILL BE MISSed by us All. We in the Church Love You Pastor Randy Dean Hall

Man of God, we will truly miss you. We will see you again one day. Your labor was not in vain. Your spiritual children and grandchildren loved you.



Timothy Hall Adam Hall love u and forgive u dad

I have met a lot of great men in my life. I have been under a many of misters in my life. But, Pastor Randy Hall, was one of a kind. I use to love the way he say "run down that isle'. And when you got to him, he knew what was wrong with you. Mother Hall, his wife, would be standing by, as well. They are both cherished men and women of God. And I am so grateful, that I have had the pleasure of knowing them both.
Mother Patricia Isaac. Mount Ephraim Baptist Church. Pastor R. L. White

He was always a blessing in our lives. He has prayed us through a many of dark days, trials and tribulations. He showed us what, real men of God, were like. Our mother Geneva Wright, loved him dearly, before she passed, also. We will miss him dearly. To his family, children, and church members, "God loan him to us for a while, now, he wants whats his back". A loan is temporary, but to be with the Lord is permanent. We love you, Hall Family.
Mrs. Mary "wright" Jackson, Mr. Barry A. Wright, Mrs. Lorene Reynolds, Mrs. Robin Hawkins, Mr. Robert "toejoe" Wright, Mrs. Angela McCreary, & Mrs. Patricia A. Isaac

God bless you Brother Randy! May God continue to bless your boys, who we haven't seen in years, since they were little; and may God continue to bless Sister Anita, a lady who've always tried to do right regardless to what the church and others were doing or not doing. Your teachings will be remembered throughout infinity! May God forgive us all of how we treat one another, may His loving arms open wide to receive you, and may heaven shine upon you! #forgiven, #stillstanding, #nonebuttherighteousshallseeGod, #Godssheep, #stillachildofGodregardless, #recovereded, #hurtnomore........

I Still Can't Believe It There Your Gone. Man This Is Not Right But I'm Going To Pull Through. Every Now And Then I Cry But I Stop Because I Know You In A Better Place. You Not In Pain Anymore. Love You So So So So Much.

Gone toooo soon Hengry Gwen Smith an lit Hengry you will be greatly missed rip pastor , friend, dad, bro we love you.

Great man of God will truly be missed! Your labor was not in vain. You left a great legacy. We will see you again in Heaven. May God grant peace and comfort to his family and church family.

This is the only person that I have ever known to truly live his life doing what he believed pleased the Lord. He lived his life for God and he taught the unadulterated Word of God. Although no one is above sin or mistakes...his mission was to get us as close to perfect as possible. He gave up his life for that cause. He was truly a unique and special being that made a huge impact in my life and the lives of many others. He was young, but he was my spiritual father and also my brother. He can now freely spread his wings. I really believe Heaven has a special reward for him. May God bless his family and heal their hearts in Jesus' name. Love you Brother Randy!

We love you soon much pastor hall. I am still crying everyday because I miss you already. Although you said don't cry but rejoice I can never forget how much you done for the Sword and my family. You cared so much you were my Shepard my father my friend I will never forget you. I love you with all my heart! ! RIP You don't belong anywhere else but in HEAVEN!!

We have lost a great leader. Now Church remember the vision God gave him. The word of God must Go forth.. Please continue to do the work Evangelist, Pastors, Preachers, Teachers, Apostles. God is still speaking even though we lost the words of the prophet we haven't lost the presence of God. Remember that.

He told us not to cry when he went home. I cannot say this will be easy. I will, however, obey the prophet.

To the family I send love.


my condolences to sis Anyta,Jeremia,Phillip,Steven and the entire Hall Family.Bro Randy was a great man of God.May God love and words be a comfort to all.

Pastor Hall I didn't get the opportunity on knowing you eternally but I want to thank you for the RIGHT HAND IN FELLOWSHIP. I will remember all that you spoke about especially in your last days. I will not live within the ELEMENT OF DOUBT nor will I become IMPOTENT . Thank you for the words of Wisdom and Knowledge. You truly did impact my life tremendously in this short period of time and although you have gone on to be with the Father I too will continue to do what God has called me to do.....Much Love and Nikkei Ponder sends her regards and says she'll never forget your words to her. God be with us all during these trying times and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

Rest easy sir

"Bro" Pastor . Randy Hall has been my pastor/ for 21 years. I have learned so much his ministry he help open my eyes into the Prophetic Ministry and the outreach ministry for souls. He truly will be missed.

"Bro." Pastor Randy Hall has been my pastor for 21 years. I have learned so much from his teaching. He help open my eyes into the Prophetic Ministry and the out reach ministry for souls. He truly will be missed.



We loved Pastor Randy. He touched and blessed our lives. He will be missed greatly. We love you Sister Anyta, Jeremiah, Phillip, Steven and the Hall Family. Brother Larry, Dot and Mariea Coats

Brother Randy taught the word of God with compassion. He will be missed, he had such a gentle spirit. My prayers are with the family, as well as our church family.

To my mentor who literally saved my life. I enjoyed the times we spent during Ministry, fishing, hunting, and visits to his home. He was an excellent cook. I will never forget the time he invited me and my wife June to his home and cooked up a stormed and served us some of the best food ever. He was my spiritual Father whom I loved with my whole heart. He taught me what it meant to be a man of God. He was the glue that helped me stay married now for almost 25 years. He would always give me and my wife what was needed. To Sis Anita his wife I encourage you to lifted up your head and know you were the best friend and wife he could ever have. You did an excellent job praying and taking care of the man of God.

He cooked up a storm and invited me and my wife to dinner. His food was the best ever. Sis Anita lift up you head and be encouraged. You were the best wife and friend he could ever have. Thank you for praying and taking care of the man of God. This comment is a correction to my first post.

I know this is a late post. I want express how bless I am to have had Pastor Randy in my life. His love for God and the ministry have impacted my life. I learned a lot from him and sis Anita.To the Hall family I love all of you. May God bless and keep you.

It has been a while since you went to the Father, my heart still grieves over you. You were the Father I never had in life. You mentored me into womanhood. I thank God the Father for your presence and tutelage in my life. My life would not have been the same if you did not allow God to use you as His vessel. You played a very significant role in my life. I will never forget you. Your lessons will remain a guiding light in my life path. You shined as a Beacon of God’s righteousness and authority. You preached the word of God without compromise or blemish. You stood your ground for God’s heart to be manifested on earth.  You will forever be missed. I love you Daddy. Here is my poem to you called “The Dean is gone”

The Dean is gone

So soon and hearts are broken

In the Father’s bosom you lay for eternity

Bestowed on your head is the crown of glory

The bell of your words will ring for ever

Yes the Dean is gone

But he  lies in the Father’s bosom

Where he so desired to dwell

The moon darkened

For the creations of your spiritual loins

They  still mourn

Your heart so sweetly rests in the presence of your true love

Rest up Dean

As you so longed

Touch the Father’s face

Yes He welcomes you with a smile

The Dean will rejoice forever

As you await the creations of your spiritual loins

Your seeds will rejoice with you again!

Am just thinking about you  today and all the impact you have had on me. The wisdom I gleaned from your ministry has surpassed my understanding. I will forever thank God for allowing me to encounter His Love and Providence through you as I was being developed in my walk with God. You incubated me and polished me to know and love the Father in an extra ordinary way. I hope to emulate your foot steps and positively impact others in my lifetime. You were an army of the Lord. Rest in the Father’s bosom as you have always desired. So long soldier. Here is my poem for you called “So Long Soldier”


So long  beloved soldier

Army of the Most High

For the enchanted flew no more

Wounded hearts gaped

Into the dead sea streams of tears flow endlessly

As if the Father hears no more

The eagles’ wings shattered into pieces

They wallowed in doubts and sorrow

The Father’s love came streaming into the soldiers loins

Wounded hearts are mended

Wisdom and strength of the soldier impregnated the seeds of his loins

The eagles are rebirth again  

Their wings renewed to soar greater heights like never before

No boundaries no limits aha

The soldier’s battle has been won

With resounding victory proclaimed on the mount

No more sorrows, no more limits

The soldier’s loins are fearless

Free , free to soar like never before

No more tears but celebration of the gift

A new season of spring ushered in

While the soldier aims at the seat of His glory

So long army of the Lord

Your loins will see you again!

It's time for our hearts to beat again, knowing that El Shaddai is our focus. We look to you God and say thank you for the life, the ministry and the teachings of your servant, Bro. Randy .  And to you Sis. Anyta,  and  sons...Peace


You surely impacted my life and helped change me and my son forever. I have so much love and respect for you as a Spiritual Father. God used You to helped train and prepare me into the woman of God I am today. Im truly thankful and grateful God allowed us to attend the Sword of the Lord for those seasons. I can never forget what you taught us and we can never forget you Bro. Randy. Your ministry made a mark on the world and left a legacy to be well remembered. God bless you. Rest in PEACE!!! YOU ARE MISSED

Father Prohet it's time to say good bye, when I first met you, I could not understand the things that you would tell us. But as the years went by.I began to understand. You were raising up the Children Of God, and You were feeding us from the meat of the word of God. I will always be thankful to God that He allowed me to stand before a true Prophet, Apostle, Teacher, and Sherperd, chosen by God himself to lead his Childern. I only hope that my life will be measure of the Holy Ghost as He has for you. Rest old now old Soldier from the pains of this Life. I know that you are resting in the Bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, and someday I hope to see you and Jesus Christ on the side in eternity. I love my Brother in the Lord Jesus. Sincerely, Your daughter in the Ministry Monica D McRae

Yes, I still think about you Bro. Randy Hall, it's 6 years now. Continue to Rest In Peace.

Prophetess Sharon Walker


Thank you Sister/Prophetess Sharon Walker.for your kind words on behalf of Pastor Randy Hall

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