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Deceased motorcyclist's family sue the city of Simi Valley, California after he swerved to avoid a pothole, striking a tree and dying, winning $475,000 in a settlement

Accident Type: 
Motorcycle Accident
Incident Date: 
Wednesday, March 1, 1995
Result Date: 
Saturday, September 1, 2001
Monetary Result: 
  Mr. Byron, 19, was riding his motorcycle in the city of Simi Valley, California in March of 1995 when he swerved to miss a large pothole on the street, going off the road and striking a tree. The collision killed Mr. Byron, who was survived by his family. Byron's family brought a suit against the city of Simi, California. They and their lawyers argued that the city had failed to properly maintain the roadway he was riding on. They maintained that they had not only failed to prevent or fill the pothole, but had also failed to barricade or warn motorists of the dangerous condition of the roadway. The city of Simi Valley and their attorneys contended that Mr. Byron's inexperience operating a motorcycle and his excessive rate of speed resulted in the accident, rather than the condition of the street. In the end, the case was settled to the amount of $475,000.

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