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California - Home of Hollywood, the hills of San Francisco, and the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

With a population of 38.8 million as of 2014 and covering 163,696 square miles, California has one of the most diverse terrains and climate in the United States.  It has varying road conditions to consider, often depending on traffic, elevation and weather such as thick fog and heavy snow in some areas.  From the fertile Central Valley, to the infamous Mojave Desert, to the grand topography of Sierra Nevada Mountains, the state has a dramatic landscape and network of roads.  With the hair-pin turns of the coast and many unlit two-lane back roads, there is plenty potential for accidents.  

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Where to find support to prevent or cope with accidents in California

California Office of Traffic Safety provides information related to the mission of reducing fatalities and losses through implementation of highway safety initiatives.

California WALKS advocates for walkable communities and is a member organization that helps organize and train local pedestrian advocacy groups in safety. California Bicycle Coalition The California Bicycle Coalition endorses the League's Five Rules of the Road for safety. ATV Safety Institute promotes ATV safety and awareness education.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) provides information on rider training and safety.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association effective advocacy, safety education and training for pilots.

MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving aids the victims of crimes performed by individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When someone is injured in an accident in California, it is important to gather information about what happens next.

Being injured in a serious accident is always a shocking and scary experience, and dealing with the aftermath is exhausting and stressful. Accident victims are forced to deal with hospitalization, medical treatments, missed work, and lost income, often while trying to manage pain and disability from their injuries. And then the insurance adjusters start circling. Find out more about accidents and what issues an injured person needs to be aware of by going to this link.

What to do after a serious injury accident in California

When someone has been injured or killed in a motor-vehicle collision in California, the accident victim and their family members are left with medical bills, lost income, and other costs. It is important to get legal assistance from an experienced California accident lawyer to help the accident victim recover, or when the accident is fatal, to help the family members get fully compensated for their losses. Learn more about how a California personal injury attorney will help injured victims and families.

Legal and Other Resources and Information

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Knowing these common causes of accidents can help you minimize your risks of getting involved in one. Also, when the unexpected happens and you still end up getting involved in an accident, contact your car accident attorneys for assistance in settling your claim.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tire blowouts account for more than 12,000 truck accidents annually, many of them causing injuries and fatalities, not to mention property damage. 

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In order to qualify for any of these benefits, you must prove that you have a disability that has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will consider you disabled if you fulfill all of the following conditions - read more here.

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Our lawsuit claims that Uber Technologies, Inc. deliberately and systematically manipulated navigational data. The result of their actions was a higher fare to the “rider” and unjust, lower pay for the “driver” for the same trip.

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