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Over the past two years, Accident Data Center has emerged as the foremost authority on the topic of serious accidents in the U.S. It’s a bold claimhow do we know?


Try Googling ANY combination of geography and accident type - i.e. “Los Angeles car accident” or “Florida motorcycle accident” - and you’ll see Accident Data Center at or near the top of the results every time. ranks well for these high volume searches and for thousands more because we give our readers the content they want. Readers come to Accident Data Center to get up-to-date information on accidents that have happened in their home towns and cities. These are the same towns and cities where you practice law. Readers trust ADC because we don’t spam them with malware or charge a fee to help them figure out what to do after a serious accident. We bring the information and  the resources they need into a clean and safe environment.


ADC’s commitment to helping victims and families has translated to strong traffic growth since its inception in early 2014. In fact, our monthly users more than doubled between May 2015 and May 2016. The site is currently reaching over 750,000 users per month.


Now, more than ever, ADC readers are demanding trusted sponsors in every area of the country to  turn to for  help. So, in order to take care of our readers and keep the site growing, we’ve developed effective options for accident-focused PI attorneys to attract clients. However, we only offer our ad products to select marketing firms and agencies or dedicated marketing directors within firms on a case by case basis.


Position your firm as a first option for ADC readers by becoming a sponsor. Keep in mind, some of our options are exclusive, so do not delay. Have your marketing director contact us today. Our readers are counting on you.


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