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Hello, I'm Andrew Shaffer, founder of Accident Data Center. I'd like to tell you a little more about the history of ADC, and to introduce new services and subscription options based upon the insights and expertise I have developed during my 27 years as a computer technologist and marketing consultant. My goal is to leverage my unique experience and knowledge to help you understand your market and competition better, and develop tools to help you crush your competition.

- Andrew's Bio

I've been building software, from large corporate consulting projects to packaged Windows email software, since 1990. I have always been deeply interested in Artificial Intelligence, and I have often incorporated AI and Information Retrieval techniques into my work. I learned web technologies in '94, and by '98 I was spending most of my time building database-backed web sites and web search applications.

In 2006, while I was living in NYC, I was hired by CBS Television Digital Media Group, ( to work on their custom-built, centralized content management system that handled 29 TV stations' web sites with more than 30,000,000 page views on a busy day. I became the Director of Development and learned a ton about local media, large-scale websites, sophisticated search technology and SEO.

When I returned home in 2010 to Bellingham, WA, I was a consultant and later was hired as Director of Marketing by a successful, six-partner personal injury law firm. There I started turning my experience with local media and search into a new approach for legal SEO. I built ADC, initially for the state of Washington only, in 2014 to experiment with the combination of a unique geographic architecture and curated content drawn from local media, to build strong organic search authority.

- Accident Data Center

When I expanded ADC to cover the entire US, I developed the geographic architecture that gives the site much of its power. This structure contains over 55,000 cities, within 3,144 counties, within the 210 Nielsen DMA's (Designated Marketing Areas) and the 50 states with pages for each, before we add any other content. When ADC links to accident stories through local media and organizes them within this geographic architecture, we have a continuous process for building specific authority for place names plus accident keywords within the entire site.

Now, ADC consists of over 105,000 pages, and ranks on page one of Google for hundreds of thousands of key phrases. We received over 8,500,000 visits in 2016. To my knowledge, ADC is unique in terms of strategy, approach and architecture, proving our initial experiment has definitely been successful.

Despite this early success, we've hardly scratched the surface of what's possible. There is a ton of content that we can add to ADC to generate more leads and pass more topical authority to your websites. Large information resource sites, such as bar associations, law schools, non profits, and state and federal agencies offer thousands of targets for links that  we can organize and present to our visitors, and that we can use to prove that we represent the most comprehensive information on the web about accidents. We can organize information about safety, support organizations including grief support, public transportation, bicycling and other sports. We can solicit more information from visitors about accidents we already have, and allow visitors to report accidents through the site. We can greatly increase the volume of curated content on accidents, road conditions, legal news and more.

- New Offerings

The foundation of our success with ADC rests on a unique, deep approach to researching the detailed SEO landscape made up of keywords, geography, search intentions and competing websites within a given geographic territory. Until now, we've only done this research for our own information, but now we can offer to perform comprehensive SEO research on our clients' behalf. Let us help you understand your online market in ways you never have before, so that you will be able to apply the resulting insights throughout your marketing efforts. These projects are quick and inexpensive, and provide a great return on investment.

Coming soon, one of the most important things we can offer our clients is a greatly improved version of the content curation software we call the Topic Engine, which is evolving into a separate business bringing new investment that will benefit our current clients. This curation software will allow us to add much more linked content to ADC, and we will be able to supercharge ADC's performance and authority and pass this to your websites. We will also be able to offer customized, automated content curation services for your web properties, and the creation of "mini ADC's" for specialized combinations of geography and subject matter like state-based sites on disability, defective drugs, or medical devices.

Our ultimate new offering is meant to leverage what we've learned from a deep-dive into your specific market to greatly expand the scope of pages in ADC serving that market. With a detailed, prioritized list of geographic and topical keyphrases, sensitive to the specific strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and balanced by your specific business strategy, we can design a greatly expanded profile in ADC with extensive links to local resources mentioned above.

For example, we could create a DUI section consisting of pages about dram shop liability, resources like MADD, news stories about big cases, etc. The current profiles only include sub-pages on car, motorcycle, bicycle, airplane, pedestrian and truck accidents - and only a single page on each. Expanded profiles could have dozens of pages in a hierarchical structure integrated with our DMA, county and city pages. These pages will build topical authority for ADC and your web sites that, when combined with all the fine-grained geographical terms in your region, will have you ranking high for terms you've never been in the running for.

- The Power of Exclusivity

Organic search marketing is a zero-sum game—when someone moves up, many others move down to compensate. The available options for supporting your SEO strategy consist almost entirely of services like Avvo or Findlaw that offer no exclusivity, and your competitors are investing in them just as you are. These services quickly become necessary costs of doing business. You can't do without them, but they will never offer you a strong competitive advantage. Accident Data Center is a unique and powerful SEO resource that is built around exclusivity, designed as a tool to overcome the competition by investing in something that your strongest, biggest spending competitors can't. By investing in ADC, you support your online marketing efforts with an exclusive resource that you can deny your competition for as long as you keep a subscription.

So, let us help you control your market and sign-up cases, staying ahead of your competition, with SEO research projects, expanded profiles and automated content curation. Our unique knowledge and experience are the perfect complement to your current marketing efforts, no matter what they are currently. Leverage your ADC subscription to make your marketing dollars more effective.

Please send me an email at to schedule a time to talk about the web and marketing.  I'm confident that you'll have some fresh insights from this conversation.

Andrew Shaffer, CEO

Accident Data Center

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