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Workplace and Industrial Accidents

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Savannah, GA

What Should I Do If My Employer Will Not Let Me File a WC Claim?

It is always recommended if you have been hurt on the job that you (1) you should reach out to a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney but more importantly, you definitely need to reach out to one if the employer is pushing you to sign something that may or may not take away your rights to pursue either workers’ compensation or any other type of benefit that you may be entitled to.

Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville-McAllen, TX

Lawsuits Give Voice to Those Harmed by Oil Industry

But who ensures that oil and gas companies are meeting the mark in terms of safety? True, government regulators, the EPA[1], and state authorities, conduct safety inspections and promulgate safety requirements within the bounds of their authority. However, government resources are limited, and it is impossible for the state to keep a watchful eye on every oil and gas operation.