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Motorcyclist, 32, killed in collision with dump truck on U.S. 290 in Houston, Texas

Modified Date: 
Mon, 01/09/2017 - 8:26am
Accident Date: 
Sunday, January 8, 2017

Motorcycle rider dies after crashing into dump truck

Just after 1 a.m., the motorcycle was traveling along U.S. 290 over 43rd Street when the rider slammed into a dump truck in the middle lane, Houston police told reporters at the scene. 


According to witnesses, the victim was operating a Yamaha motorcycle at a high rate of speed in the outbound lanes of the Northwest Freeway.  He passed other vehicles, failed to control his speed, and struck the rear of a dump truck also traveling outbound.  The victim was thrown from the motorcycle, which was dragged under the dump truck a short distance and then caught fire.  


U.S. 290


the news say the motorcycle was run over by vehicle and its not true,i saw the bike runs to fast in the high speed lane ,like more than 100 mph but the dumptruck across the freeway from the 1 lane to the 3rd lane ,when the bike try to move the middle lane again,hit the truck and explode,nobody run over the biker ,because bike  and the body i bring my fire extinguer .thats no way  any car run over him.

Hello. Can you please email me at

The family's representative would love to speak to you since you witnessed the incident. Please, please, please send an email with your contact information. They would really appreciate it! 

I was also present. I confirm that he was not ran over by any vehicles. All traffic stopped immediately the accident occurred. Only 3 vehicles passed slowly at less than 10mph following the crash.

This story is incorrect,
I was present when it happened. I actually got out to check on the guy. He was not ran over by a car, he was just traveling at high speeds and hit the back of the dump truck. It was a horrible accident, my heart goes out to his family.

How was he when you checked on him? Did he really die on impact?

Yes, he was dead within a fraction of a second. I saw the crash. People checked his pulse. The poor soul was gone.

Thanks for your comments, everyone. Eye-witness accounts are so important to Accident Data Center, and we greatly value your contributions. We rely mostly on local news sources for our information, as is the case here. While we can't change their story, thanks to your input we will not use any quotes from this or other news sources that indicate the rider was additionally struck by another vehicle.

Jane, ADC staff


I saw this crash and tried to help the man. Is there any news on who he was?


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