Free Police Collision Report

Accident Data Center partners with Law Firms nationwide who may order a police report for you at no charge after an initial consultation by phone. Accident Data Center believes that law firms are best positioned to interpret police reports and handle the issues, questions, inconsistencies, and general confusion that arises when accidents occur.

Police Collision Reports

Police Collision Reports and Personal Injury Claims

When a collision occurs, a formal report is usually filed that documents the nature of and the participants in a crash. There are two basic types of car accident reports:

  • The official police report is created when officers respond to an accident scene.
  • An unofficial report is created by a party involved in the crash.

Since there is such a high volume of car accidents, police are rarely dispatched to non-injury car crashes, and so it is a good idea to produce your own unofficial accident report.

How Police Collision Reports can affect an injury claim

A few days after the accident, once a claim has been filed with the insurance company, a claims adjuster will begin collecting statements from the drivers involved in the crash, the passengers, and any witnesses. Even though the police report may clearly state that one particular driver was at fault, the adjuster still has to investigate the claim.

Police reports are very persuasive in personal injury claims. The police officer was actually at the site of the collision. Their training allows them to properly evaluate the accident and its causes, especially each driver's fault. A police officer's testimony has automatic credibility with a jury.

When the police don't assign fault

Sometimes police officers do not assign fault in a car accident. When that occurs, the accident report may indicate that:

  • bad weather or unsafe road conditions were the cause;
  • the accident resulted from an independent force or cause external to the crash participants.

When the police don't assign fault, it may still be possible to convince the insurance adjuster that the insured caused the crash, but doing so will require evidence that either contradicts the officer's assessment, or supplements and clarifies it. In this case, an experienced personal injury attorney will have the expertise to move the claim forward and persuade an adjuster to offer a settlement if possible.

Accident Data Center partners with personal injury attorneys across the nation who help injured people handle insurance claims. If you or an immediate family member has been seriously injured and wants to request a copy of the Police Collision Report, go here to get more information.

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