Spinal injury

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Laredo, TX

Main Types of Back Surgeries

The truth of the matter is back surgery may be the only solution for someone who was in a major automobile collision. Any type of back surgery is a highly invasive procedure. 

Laredo, TX

What Do Chiropractors Do?

There are many benefits from seeing a chiropractor as they can heal all sorts of body ailments. Chiropractic care has been clinically proven to show results in helping heal.

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My Neck, My Back: Epidural Steroid Injections

The violence of any motor vehicle collision can often cause serious neck and back injuries such as protrusions or herniations. When this occurs, injured parties will often visit an orthopedist or pain management doctor who will recommend a series of ESI’s which will provide pain relief and reduce swelling in and around the damaged discs and corresponding nerve roots. 

Back Pain—The Personal Injury Claim

The harm can be temporary or long lasting. Dollars start to add up no matter how serious the initial injury. Getting around and getting medical care is only part of the expenses for which you’ll need to be reimbursed. Learn more here about back injury claims in California.

Herniated Disc FAQ’s

These are generally people who believe that they will get a fair deal from the insurance company for the costs they have endured because of the harm. Then there are other people who believe the symptoms they experience from the injury will be short in duration and they will go back to their normal activities.

In both of these instances it usually does not work out the way these individuals believe that it will. Learn more here about herniated discs after a California car accident, and what you need to consider moving forward.

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If you've hurt your back, simple household chores can be impossible to do

If your spine has been injured because of an auto accident, imagine all the tasks that suddenly are at best arduous, at worst impossible. It's hard to think of all the things one does in a given day that wouldn't be affected. If another person's negligence causes these problems for you, the law is on your side to get you fair compensation for the challenges you have sustained. In this video, Bill Coats talks about substitute domestic services, as aspect of a personal injury claim that helps accident victims get help around the house. 

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Bicyclists lack the protection motorists have in crashes, and that means worse injuries

Little is there to protect your body from the ground if you are thrown over your bike’s handlebars. Always wear a helmet, because it can be the only thing that protects you from injuries. Yet it is technically not a law in all cities that bicyclists must wear helmets. A car has seat belts, airbags, and other safety features that are engineered to protect driver and passengers in case of a crash. However, a bike lacks these features. Chances are, if you have wrecked your bike and gone over the handlebars, you were injured and might be facing a long road to recovery.

If this accident happened because of the recklessness or negligence of another party, don’t face the burden of finding compensation for your losses alone. Click to learn more about your legal options if you were hit on your bike.

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Spinal columns and head injuries are common injuries to cyclists hit by cars

Bicycling has many benefits – economic, environmental, and healthful. It’s a great way of getting around town, especially here in bike-friendly downtown Bellingham. Some of the roads around Whatcom County offer scenic rides beyond compare, and Galbraith Mountain attracts professional mountain bikers to live here and train. However, in collisions between bicyclists and motor vehicles, the cyclist is no match for the vehicle. All it takes is one distracted or drunk driver to debilitate the cyclist - sometimes permanently. Often these injuries include those to the neck or back, which require surgeries and long term rehabilitative care. Have you been hit by a car on  your bike in Bellingham and it was not your fault? Here are some resources for what to do next.

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A split second of whiplash can lead to years of pain

The human body bears the brunt of the chain reaction of consequences that a simple mistake puts in motion.  Because of their ubiquity, speed, and mass, a very common way people are hurt is in motor vehicles. One of the most common injuries in car crashes is whiplash, from one of the most common types of collisions, being rear-ended. Just about everyone is familiar with the term “whiplash” but what is it exactly, what what’s so dangerous about it? Click to learn more about whiplash and how it can affect your health after a car crash.

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When your spine is injured after a motorcycle wreck, everything is different

Spinal cord injuries are some of the worst kinds that accident victims suffer. Because of the factors present in motorcycle accidents, too often they tragically occur. Motorcyclists simply lack the protection that cars and trucks have, and when bikers are hit, their injuries are significant. While many injuries can be dramatically obvious after a motorcycle, wreck, some take longer to show signs. Not all back injuries are immediately apparent after an accident. It takes some time for the initial shock of the accident to wear off. But the first moments after such a crash are critical in getting medical attention. If nerve damage occurs, movement, breathing, and other motor functions can be affected, and sometimes with lifelong consequence. The faster an injured person can get medical attention, the better the long term prognosis. Don’t play the tough guy and try to walk it off. Learn  your options for what to do after a hurt back from a motorcycle wreck.

  Juan Salas Fonseca, a 28-year-old route salesman, was operating a Mitsubishi F-100 cab-over-engine commercial truck when he was involved in an accident. In the course of the collision, he was thrown from the detached cab through the windshield and was run over by his own truck. He suffered extensive injuries, including multiple fractures to his pelvis, spine, and leg. He faced future surgies to replace his hip and his spine and was therefore limited to semi-sedentary work.