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What's in your pocket could hurt you - why the FDA hasn't declared e-cigarettes safe

Though e-cigarettes don't need to be lit with a lighter like smoking tobacco, they can still burn you. Although you mostly see car accident stories on this site, there's an increasing number of claims made against electronic cigarette manufacturers for selling products that might not be safe. Curious how this can happen under the FDA's nose? Read this article on why the FDA hasn't issued regulations on e-cigarettes yet.

FARS Encyclopedia

The Summary page for the FARS Web Encyclopedia is the first thing that visitors will see when visiting this site. This page contains a random statistic drawn from the Traffic Safety Facts published each year by the DOT, a table listing the traffic fatality statistics from this day last year. The left-hand column on the home page contains a random factoid sample from the "Did You Know?" archives. The "Did You Know?" archives contain interesting and relevant statistics drawn from the Traffic Safety Facts, a compilation of motor vehicle crash data collected by the FARS program. These compilations are published every year by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.