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Ventura, CA - Accident News and Resources including car, bicycle, motorcycle and truck accidents and much more.

Totaling 2,208 square miles, Ventura County is a beautiful and ecologically diverse area of California on the north side of the Los Angeles metropolitan area

To get up-to-date road information, go to the California DOT site. And to find out current weather conditions in Ventura, go to The major freeways of Ventura include:

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Here is information on the most recent accidents in the Ventura area:

If you are looking for information on a specific crash that happened in Ventura, go to the link above for the accident type you are seeking. 

If you know someone who has been injured in a Ventura accident, here are links to the major hospitals in the area:

​Ventura grief support information for accident victims

When a loved one is killed in a motor-vehicle accident, it is often helpful for grieving family and friends to get help from a grief support organization. It can be comforting to talk with others going through a similar situation, and the road to recovering from the loss may go more smoothly. Go here to get information on Ventura grief support organizations.

Ventura legal information for accident victims

When injury or death is the result of a motor-vehicle crash in Ventura, many decisions need to be made immediately and questions need to be answered. For example, how much of the medical costs will be covered by the insurance policy? How does PIP insurance help with medical bills immediately? What if the at-fault driver has no insurance?

Where to find legal assistance after a Ventura injury accident

After a serious crash, it is crucial to get help from a Ventura personal injury attorney who understands the local regulations and legal standards, who knows the issues related to insurance policies, and who can handle all aspects of an insurance claim so the injured person can focus on recovery. If someone is killed in a collision, a Ventura wrongful death attorney will launch a claim that will begin the process of financial recovery for the family members left behind. Learn more here about what a Ventura accident lawyer can do to help.




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Ventura, CA


Factors that have the largest effect on these numbers are drunk driving, speeding, and not wearing a seat belt. While these actions are taken by nearly every driver at some point, it is especially problematic for young drivers who lack experience and necessary skills to gauge the danger of situations around them.

Ventura, CA


Laws related to this field provide a way for patients to recover compensation for any of the harms resulting in the substandard treatment. In order to have a medical malpractice case, one must establish the appropriate medical standard of care that should apply to the patient’s case, and then show in detail how the defendant (doctor or other health care provider) fell short of meeting that standard.

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