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The state of Kansas – The geographic center of the 48 contiguous U.S. and America's premier wheat state

The state of Kansas has a fascinating history as the ancestral homeland of numerous native American tribes. When the Louisiana Purchase was completed in 1803, Southwest Kansas was still a part of Spain, Mexico and the Republic of Texas until the conclusion of the Mexican-American War in 1848. The Santa Fe Trail traversed Kansas from 1821 to 1880, transporting manufactured goods from Missouri and silver and furs from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Wagon ruts from the trail are still visible in the prairie today. Today, Kansas is one of the most productive agricultural states, producing high yields of corn, wheat, sorghum, and sunflowers. Kansas is the 15th most extensive and the 34th most populous of the 50 United States. the population of Kansas was 2,904,021 on July 1, 2014. The capital is Topeka, a native American word meaning "Place where we dug potatoes.” Other major cities include Wichita, Overland Park, and Kansas City.

To accommodate residents and visitors alike, the major roadways are in heavy usage:

Interstate 35 stretches from Laredo, Texas, on the American-Mexican border to Duluth, Minnesota. Interstate 35  In Kansas, the highway goes from the Oklahoma border to Kansas City at theMissouri border, with a length of 235 miles. I-35 passes through Wichita, the state's largest city. Interstate 135  runs between the cities of Salina and Wichita.  Interstate 435  encircles much of the Kansas City, Missouri, Metropolitan Area. Interstate 635 (Kansas–Missouri) is a connector highway between Interstate 35 in Overland Park, Kansas and Interstate 29 in Kansas City, Missouri, approximately 12 miles long. The Kansas DOT provides a high-quality site with road conditions, maps, videos, and traffic cameras.

The climate of Kansas is unique, with drier winters than nearby states

Kansas, the premier wheat state, has an annual mean temperature almost as high as that of Virginia, more sunshine than that of any state to the east, and generous summer rains. This favorable combination of weather elements and availability of more arable land than that in any other state, except Texas, accounts for the high rank of Kansas in crop production, finished livestock, and dairy products. Summers are inclined to be very warm, with low relative humidity during periods of high temperatures, and usually a good wind movement. Summer nights are usually cool, especially in the western counties. Winters are drier, with more sunshine than those of eastern states. The average snowfall is less than that of other states, except those located farther south. Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and the New England States normally have from two to three times as much snowfall as Kansas.

In Accident Data Center, our data about accidents in the Kansas region is divided into the following regions:

Joplin Missouri-Pittsburg Kansas accidents;

Topeka accidents;

Wichita-Hutchinson accidents.

Legal information for accident victims in Kansas

After someone has been injured or killed in a motor-vehicle crash in Kansas, many decisions need to be made immediately and questions need to be answered. For example, how much of the medical costs will be covered by the insurance policy? How can an injured person get help with medical bills immediately? What if the at-fault driver has no insurance?

Many accident victims would like a free copy of the traffic collision report which may give the following information:

  • the date, time of day, and street location of the collision;
  • the weather conditions at the time of the crash;
  • the names and addresses of all drivers;
  • the insurance company of each driver;
  • a diagram detailing the crash scene;
  • the name and badge number of the law enforcement officers who responded to the accident.

Where to find legal assistance after a Kansas injury accident

After a serious crash, it is crucial to get help from a Kansas injury attorney who understands the legal standards and practices, who knows how insurance policies function, and who can handle all aspects of an insurance claim so the injured person can focus on recovery. If someone is killed due to the negligence of someone else, a Kansas wrongful death lawyer can launch a claim that will begin the process of financial recovery for the family members left behind. Learn more here about what a Kansas personal injury attorney can do to help.

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Legal and Other Resources and Information

Kansas Trial Lawyers Association

Every day in the State of Kansas, numerous people are injured by the negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct of an individual or company. Fortunately for these victims, they have the opportunity to receive remuneration for the wrong that was committed against them. This area of law is known as personal injury or tort law. The outcome of a personal injury or tort law case, however, depends heavily on the lawyer that represents the injured victim. The Kansas Trial Lawyers Association provides legal professionals the services they need to provide their clients with the best representation possible.

University of Kansas School of Law

Our philosophy at KU Law is to teach students the foundations of the law, then provide them with the hands-on experience necessary to begin their careers ready for practice. We offer 12 clinical programs with more than 200 clinical openings for students. The school's setting at the heart of a major research university also makes possible the 11 joint-degree programs open to law students. The most popular programs are business, health services administration, and social welfare, but joint degrees are also available in East Asian languages and cultures, economics, indigenous studies, journalism, political science, philosophy, public administration, Russian and East European studies, and urban planning.

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