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Lewisville Commercial Truck Accidents and Legal Resources

Comprehensive Information and Legal Options for Lewisville, TX Commercial Truck Accident Victims

Texas and Lewisville have one of the highest numbers of commercial truck accidents and fatalities in the nation

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas had 3,773 motor-vehicle fatalities in 2016, resulting in an economic loss of $38,600,000,000. And included in this number is the number of crashes and fatalities involving commercial vehicles. 

What are some causes of commercial truck accidents in Lewisville?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some of the reasons that commercial truck crashes are such a problem in Lewisville include:

  • Driver related physical factors  like alcohol use, illegal drug use, over-the-counter medication, and prescription medication use; 
  • Driver fatigue;
  • Illness;
  • Driver related recognition factors like inattention and onversation; 
  • Driver related decision factors like following too closely and misjudgment of gap distance to other vehicle;
  • Speeding and aggressive driving.


What is being done to improve the safety of motorists sharing the roads with commercial trucks in Lewisville?

The Texas Department of Insurance offers safety training programs and publications that offer much-needed information on how both commercial truck drivers and other motorists can improve safety on Lewisville roadways. These materials discuss:

Defensive driving;

Driving and merging collision prevention;

Driving in fog and rain;

Parking lot and railroad-crossing safety;

How to avoid drowsy and distracted driving.

After a serious or fatal semi truck accident, get information from Lewisville first responders

When someone has been injured or killed in a truck collision, the first responders from the Lewisville Police Department, the Lewisville Fire and Rescue Department, and the Texas Highway Patrol  will publish a report detailing the incident.Contact them to request a copy of the collision report.

Why do commercial trucks pose such a danger on Lewisville roads?

While Lewisville roads did not make the recent list of the top 13 most dangerous roads for truckers, it's clear that commercial trucks pose a significant danger to truck drivers and motorists on Lewisville roads and freeways. According to a recent article on, some reasons the commercial truck industry poses danger include:

  • Increased reliance on trucking to transport goods is putting more truck drivers on the road, with higher incident rates for accidents and driver deaths,
  • Because of the way drivers’ compensation is structured, they’re often asked to choose between productivity and safety.
  • Long hours, low pay and tough working conditions contribute to high turnover and puts inexperienced drivers on the road.
  • The lack of National Highway Transportation Safety Administration standards for crashworthiness of heavy-duty trucks plays a role in fatality rates.
  • The size and weight of a commercial truck causes significant damage to smaller vehicles in a crash.


If you have been injured in a collision involving a commercial truck, you will need a great Lewisville accident attorney to help

No matter how much we improve safety in the commercial trucking industry, truck accidents will continue to happen. When a less serious crash happens, often someone can manage the insurance claim without help. When a serious injury accident happens, or when a fatality occurs, it is crucial to get help from an experienced Lewisville commercial truck accident lawyer

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