Bus Accident

Public transportation is often believed to be a safe choice for getting around urban areas, but this is not always the case. Around fifty-five thousand bus accidents occur in the US each year, and resulting injuries can be severe because buses generally do not have seatbelts. While statistically riding a bus is much safer than riding in a car, no transportation choice is one hundred percent safe.

School Bus Accidents

The school bus is often regarded as a comforting, positive force in communities. But with the number of children and schools in the US, school bus accidents are bound to happen. Since 1998, 149 school-age pedestrians have died in school transportation-related crashes. It may be surprising to learn that federal law does not require seatbelts on school buses. The states of New York, New Jersey and Florida have laws requiring lap belts on school buses, but most school buses rely on the concept of compartmentalization. This method utilizes heavily padded seats with high seat backs, creating a compartment that protects kids in a crash. Compartmentalization fails to protect kids in situation where a bus tilts over, or when kids are out of their seats. More research and information is needed to know how best to protect school-age children in transit.

City and Tour Bus Accidents

At least 137 bus crash related fatalities occur in the US each year, and many more injuries happen annually. However, it is difficult to determine how safe city and tour buses are since accidents involving these types of vehicles are drastically under-reported. It is in the interest of bus manufacturers and bus companies to keep statistics as much in their favor as possible. What we do know for certain about bus accidents is that the risk of injury is greater. Much like plane accidents, a bus accident results in multiple injuries because of the number of people involved. Buses usually do not have seatbelts, leaving people inside unrestrained in the event of an accident.

How will a personal injury attorney help bus accident victims recover?

When a bus crash results in serious injuries or fatalities, it is important to speak with an experienced bus accident attorney who can navigate the complicated legal landscape and manage a bus accident claim. Since bus crash cases are more complicated than most, with multiple people, companies, and regulatory agencies involved, it is crucial to get legal help.  
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