Baby dies after taking 'natural' cold medicine, Seattle mother sues manufacturer

Hyland's is in the news again, this time after the death of a baby.

KIRO 7 in Seattle reports that Tanessa Desranleau lost her 13-month-old son, Jay'Breon, after his father's girlfriend gave him Hyland's cold tablets, which are touted to be "all natural." Now, the mother is suing the company because the active ingrediet in the tablets, gelsemium sempervirens, is a known toxin. Now the mother is suing Hyland's, saying that the company is responsible.

Last September, the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers to stop taking Hyland's teething tablets, which contain belladonna, while it investigates reports that they can cause seizures and other health problems, as well as claims that up to 10 children may have died after taking the homeopathic remedy. Hyland's agreed to remove the teething tablets from U.S. stores, but the FDA has not weighed in on Hyland's cold tablets.

Like a lot of mothers to young children, I like "natural" products made of beeswax and coconut and fairy wings, but I'm not a fan of homeopathy. Per homeopathy's principles, the active ingredient in whatever "medication" being made needs to be diluted to the point where it's basically - literally - non-existent. I have a hard time believing this does anything for treating illness or discomfort because I don't believe in "water memory." I have a feeling that Hyland's doesn't really believe this, either, so they're putting a lot more of the active ingredient in their products than they list on the labels.

Belladonna or gelsemium sempervirens diluted to the point of not existing are not dangerous (nothing is). Belladonna or gelsemium sempervirens at much, much, much higher doses are well-known poisons. We have no idea if the baby in this news story really died because of his cold medicine, but we also have no idea how much literal poison Hyland's is putting into their product.


So if "the active ingredient in whatever "medication" being made" is "diluted to the point where it's basically - literally - non-existent," how could this product be responsible for a death? Also, Gelsemium sempervirens may contein toxic components, and thus is toxic, but not necessarily a "toxin." 


Missing the point! At least 0 healthy beautiful babies including Tanessa died after being given this stuff! Homeopathic isn't regulated as tightly as prescription or real medicine cleared by FDA so their dilutions may be off and claiming lower dosage when toxic. What the author is saying iis.that these homeopathic "chemicals" aren't affective until a certain level but regardless of the chemical the side effects at that level are not disclosed nor known. These are chemicals, just like everything else is a chemical. These people are just trying to make money. Be careful. Poor Mommies who trusted this crap!❤😪🍊UF Chem.🐊

Homeopathic formulations are compounded from material substances in varying strength. For instance, a toxin such as arsenic is diluted  by taking 1 milligram and mixing it with 10 milligrams of lactose and shaking it (sucussing ) 0nce. Then 1 milligram of this powder is mixed with 10 milligrams of lactose and shaking it once. And so on. After doing this process 12 times we get a substance which is called arsenicum 12X  which by avogadro's number contains no detectible arsenic. This process can be further compounded to create   20X, 30X etc. This can also be done in a dilution of 1:100 and is called a centsesimal dilution and is labeled 1C for the first dilution up to as many times as needed up to 200C,  1M(million) , 10M , etc. There are other formulae for dilutions such as LM, etc. Suffice it to say that potencies beliw 12X may contain a material dose of the original substance and can be harmful to infants and certain susceptible persons.Homeopathy is much safer and more effective that western medicines, all of which can be deadly , even aspirin.A potentized substance cures what the material substance would cause. The basis of homeopathy is "like cures like" .The higher the dilutions, the stronger the medicine becomes because it works energetically in the body not like western drugs which all have side effects and make big pharma billions of dollars while killing people. Witness Zantac, humira, acetominiphen, etc.

How long has it been since the baby had a vaccine? Vaccines can cause death.

The baby died after taking this cold medicine, not after being vaccinated.

Why dont you believe the baby died from the med? Do you belive the mom just made up some wild story that her baby died? This is very painful as a parent to lose  a child at any age especially your baby. Some people have no compassion for other individuals regardless if the baby died from the meds the famly lost a child. You will never understand utill it hits home one of your own.

Why would you give you baby anything without researching it,,You might have seen there was issue with this "natural cold medicine"..Why is it always somebody else's fault and the parent's responsibility is waved.  You are the steward of the child..He can only count on you..You messed up by not being diligent in what you are giving your child.  

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