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Child Safety

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St. Louis, MO

Are St. Louis Playgrounds Safe?

The National Safety Council published a list of safety issues that parents should look out for before allowing their children to use a playground. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission came up with the list, which includes the following playground safety hazards...

Phoenix, AZ

Kids & Seat Belt Safety

AZDPS states that more than 60% of occupants of all age groups that were killed in fatal crashes in 1996 were unrestrained during the crash. From car seats to booster seats to adult safety belts – the best way to protect your passengers is to ensure they are properly buckled up before you start your car’s engine.

School Bus Laws

A driver who is traveling in either direction must stop when approaching a school bus that is stopped and operating a visual signal. The driver cannot continue until the school bus is in motion, the operator has been given a signal by the bus driver to proceed, or the visual signal is no longer on.